Electric Candy

The concept behind Electric Candies cannot be identified as a classic, modern or contemporary design, as is usual with furniture accessories – it is rather a ‘pop’-oriented concept.

It is ‘pop’ because these items are not merely classic lamps, but actual furniture accessories or decorations that can be placed, with various functions, anywhere in the home (e.g. in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, service rooms, corridors, passages, etc.), or in public places and spaces, from restaurants to boutiques, from hotels to shops.

It is ‘pop’ because the obvious inspiration for this line – the candy jars with bows and festoons from the 1950s – is not an exclusive but a popular theme, reminiscing of a simple, reassuring world, just like that of candies and their dreamlike, fantasy shapes and colours.

It is ‘pop’, finally, because a theme/icon of popular culture is made reproducible as a handicraft/serial production.

In realising this concept, Gallo did not make use of iron or brass, materials traditionally dear to our company yet unsuitable for this project. Blown glass and its transparency and sinuosity, together with LED technology, make the effect of the light on the glass almost unreal. Our Electric Candies, with their intensely lit, milk-white glass bases and pastel-coloured, candy-style decorations, interpret our company’s new concept in a smart and attractive way.