The range of our materials includes not only wrought iron which constitutes the main structure of our items, but also a selection of materials that testifies for the great experience and the ancient affiliation to the world of artistic craftmanship that our company can claim.

In addition to iron (hot worked proposed with golden and silver leaf and other polychromatic finishings that resemble more “paintings” on iron than decorations) we use noble materials such as Murano glass, crystals, hand-carved wood and brass.

The new contemporary line “Gallo 2.0” introduce new finishings connected to the “galvanic bath” process such as nickel and “brushed” nickel, chrome, shiny gold, copper and black “rutenio”.

Gallo contemporary Collection 2.0 – A step forward

The new contemporary line “GALLO 2.0” introduces new finishes related to “galvanic bath” processes such as nickel and “brushed” nickel, chrome, shiny gold, copper and “ruthenium” black, bronzed brass, brushed brass , burnished brass.

The new line joins the consolidated Classic line that has characterized our company since 1910 to respond to new market needs.

This was possible thanks to the introduction of new materials such as pyrex glass which completes the iron and brass structures we designed and produced, the result of which is a collection of new and conceptually innovative items.

The new “GALLO 2.0” line has broadened our knowledge in the field of lighting, making our ability to satisfy special requests from our customers more consolidated.

Classic Collection – Classic forever

The Classic line of GALLO represents the history of the company since 1910.

The use over the decades of materials like bronze, brass, iron, wood, ceramic, porcelain, crystal, glass has allowed the company to experiment with any type of production process and material as well as the types of finish managed with wisdom and skill that range from the use of silver, gold, copper leaves to real “paintings” on iron with pickled and shaded colors which are in fact our most evident feature.

Classic is in fact an “invention” of classic, that is, not a reproduction of existing objects, but original designs that can also be made to measure or on request with substantial changes in shape and finish always adaptable to the customer’s requests.