Our chandeliers are made of hot-wrought iron following our original designs which are then transformed into “shapes”, that is, iron guide molds that allow the object to be made in the same way over the years and decades.

The decoration made in gold and silver leaf or in pickled colors inspired by upholstery or curtains or carpets often sent by the customer for the need for color matching. The items are then completed with accessories such as high quality crystals from Austria, Germany and Egypt ( Asfour) and on request to be budgeted also with Svarowsky. The products of the contemporary GALLO 2.0 line, on the other hand, include other types of attention linked to new galvanic-type working processes that include nickel, brushed nickel, shiny gold, brushed gold, burnished gold, antique gold, copper, black ruthenium, chrome and the prevalent use of brass for the construction of the object, a material that receives galvanic finishes better than iron.

The lampshades are made using fabrics such as cotton and organza or linen. For public places we provide fire-retardant fire certification for safety reasons.

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